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Trier is the oldest city in Germany, located in the Moezendal and surrounded by the hills of the Eifel. You might not think it, but it is also called the ‘Roman Empire of the North’. Trier is somewhat regarded as the ‘open air museum’ of what the Romans left behind. When you visit Trier, you will find many intact Roman buildings. Trier is also a pleasant city for shopping. Afterwards you can eat in one of the many restaurants


Eifel Zoo, the zoo near the town of Lünebach (Pronsfeld), is about 14 km from Prüm. It is located in a beautiful area, a bit wedged between hills, making the location very beautiful in the nature of the Eifel.

Unlike many other parks, the wildlife here is not limited to some deer, goats and birds. The larger exotic animal species are also present.

The big advantage of this zoo is that as a visitor you are fairly close to the animals. This makes it a fun experience for small children as well.

Eifelpark Gondorf

The Eifelpark Gondorf offers a unique combination of amusement park and animal park on an area of around 100 football fields. More than 45 attractions and more than 200 wild animals make the Eifelpark an ideal leisure activity for families with children.

On the new log flume pirate island, you can take a refreshing action-packed ride in dugout boats along the 360-meter canal with two drops from 14 meters. In the toboggan run of the summer toboggan run “Eifel-Coaster” you slide into the valley at up to 40 km per hour.

In spacious fenced areas, deer, roe deer, brown bears, wolves, lynx, goblins, wallaby kangaroos and many other wild animals can be seen up close.

Golf course Bittburgerland

Das Paradies hat 18 Löcher’ can be read on the information at tee 18 and we can agree with that. Bitburger Land is truly beautiful in nature and is located in the middle of the beautiful wooded Eifel landscape. This undulating and well-maintained championship course features wide fairways and large American-designed greens.

The golf club also has a spacious clubhouse with a cozy sun terrace. The clubhouse is closed on Mondays, but you can play golf that day.